Ruspetro Ltd - Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

The company holds licences for three blocks on the Krasnoleninsky arch near Khanty-Mansiysk in Western Siberia. There are two communities based within these blocks: Talinka, with a population of around 4,000, and Palyanovo with a population approaching 200. The company recognises that it has a duty to safeguard the environment in its area of operations and preserve the way of life of those who live there.

Drilling operations have improved greatly and new technologies have been introduced such as horizontal drilling and multiple fracturing. The Company has continued to improve the efficiency of its production system and reduce the environmental impact of its operations in line with its sustainability goals through better operational reporting and subsequently more effective intervention. We continued to improve the safety and security of our operations and build relationships with the local communities in which we work. The Company manages day-to-day operations from its operational base in Talinka, at the centre of the field. Through increased investment in our operations in Talinka, we are increasing our activities and employment opportunities for the local population.

In addition, we have successfully implemented the EMEX platform as a tool to log, monitor and action HSE improvements across all operational areas. The new system is a step change in the way we manage our HSE management system within the company, enabling more comprehensive incident reporting, closed-loop incident investigation and follow up.